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UiPath Introduces Its Automation Cloud Platform

Recently, UiPath announced the launch of their UiPath Automation Cloud platform, with 2 versions to cater for everyone’s needs. The company has always been focused on delivering easy to use automation technology, available for everyone, and their latest release makes no exception.

Individuals and small teams or businesses can use UiPath Automation Cloud for community, and for those that need more, there’s UiPath Automation Cloud for enterprise.

UiPath Automation Cloud for community

This version is a free one, and it’s suitable for individuals and small teams, whether you are an enthusiast or an entrepreneur trying to increase your productivity by automating repetitive work.

It has the following features:

  • Two UiPath Studios where you can write automations
  • One unattended bot, for back office tasks and two attended robots that can be used to automate individual tasks on your desktop
  • UiPath Orchestrator, which you can use to deploy, manage and monitor your automations
  • UiPath AI Computer Vision which recognises documents, and has other features to make your automations more powerful
  • Plus, community support in the UiPath Forum is always available

UiPath Automation Cloud for enterprise

The enterprise version of Automation Cloud solves the scaling problem that is frequently encountered in larger companies that implement RPA. With UiPath Automation Cloud for enterprise, you have more capacity for scaling, while still meeting policy and compliance needs. Features include:

  • As many attended robots, unattended robots, and Studios as you need.
  • Multiple tenants to separate management needs within one organization.
  • Chose where you want your robot and business data stored, per tenant: Europe, North America (US) or Asia-Pacific (Japan).
  • An uptime guarantee and disaster recovery as standard.
  • Support available 24 x 7 x 365, with a two-hour response time for the most critical issues.

UiPath has tested this feature thoroughly before launch, with tens of thousands of monthly active community users and almost 200 enterprises taking part in the first availability program.

Find out more about UiPath’s Automation Cloud platform, and even start using it by checking the full article on their blog.